Corporate Income Tax

CorporateFiling your business taxes can be daunting. This pressure is compounded because as well as understanding everything you need to do you still have to run your business.

It makes a lot of sense to leave this job to a professional, but there is still a need to choose someone who is professional, can advise you when preparing your return and can also perform the service for a reasonable cost.

It is a huge myth among many small businesses that you need a chartered accountant or a huge accounting firm to complete your Corporate Tax Return and Financial Statements each year. In fact, this is simply not true. You can get what you need to be legally compliant from a smaller provider for a lot cheaper.

New Age Accounting Services, Inc. provide first class tax return compilation and submission services for businesses like yours. We have wide breadth of expertise and our services are considerably cheaper than some of the well known chains.

Talk to us today about your business tax returns and statements by calling (604) 325-8645 or leaving us a message on the contact form.


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