Personal Income Tax

Personal Income TaxIn Canada, it is required by law to self-assess how much tax you are required to pay.

There is a required filing deadline each year and it is important to get it submitted accurately and on time.

The time of year when tax submissions are required can get stressful and ‘another thing that has to be done.’ Your situation may be complex, you may not understand what needs to be done or you may be new to the country and not be familiar with the system as it operates in Canada.



You may also worry about what can be deducted and what cannot, or the costs incurred by hiring a professional may put you off.

However, we have been providing tax return services for individuals for over 20 years and we can definitely help you.

We can guide you so that you are compliant with CRA’s requirements while at the same time not paying unnecessary extra tax.

Our prices are considerably lower than what you will normally encounter.

Why not talk to us today about getting your personal tax return completed and submitted? You will be glad that you did.

Tax does not have to be taxing. Call us on (604) 325-8645 or leave a message for us using the contact form to get started.